Great Start Collaborative Partner Spotlight: WGVU Public Media

Our partners at WGVU joined the Collaborative in 2018 with Kristyn Bomberg as their representative. Kristyn is a member of the Executive Team and Nurturing Parent Power. WGVU has a wonderful library of resources available on multiple platforms to support children and families. Learn more about all they have to offer.

What programs do you offer for young children and their families?

WGVU is incredibly proud to be part of PBS’s commitment to center inclusion, representation, and accessibility in our programming for children, families, and educators.

With social and emotional learning and school-readiness skill building at the core of all of our children’s programming, families can enjoy our PBS KIDS broadcast programming on WGVU and our PBS KIDS 24/7 channels (schedule), or by streaming on the PBS KIDS Video App.

WGVU supports the Kent County Success Basics with our resources here, and offers parents access to an ever-growing collection of ways to play and learn at home with PBS KIDS for Parents, PBS KIDS Apps, PBS KIDS games, PBS LearningMedia, and now the Michigan Learning Channel.

How do families enroll in your programs?

Families can keep up with WGVU programs, resources, events, and more by following us on social media (Twitter @WGVUEducation, Facebook @WGVUPublicMedia), signing up for our weekly education newsletter, or by visiting our WGVU Education & Kids webpages.

How does your organization use parent voice to inform your programs?

Parent voice is incredibly important in shaping WGVU’s local education programming and work, as well as national PBS programming. Two great examples of responsiveness to families’ needs in the least year are the PBS KIDS Talk About Race and Racism Special and accompanying discussion guide, along with PBS KIDS Read-Alongs. Throughout the pandemic, WGVU has continued our By Leaps & Bounds Early Childhood Radio Series/Podcast in partnership with First Steps Kent. As the WGVU Education program continues to grow, we hope to increasingly engage with families of young children around playful learning in the communities we serve.

What do you most appreciate about your GSC membership?

The opportunities to learn and connect have been critical in WGVU’s understanding of our role and programming impact in the community. The parent leadership and empowerment has been inspiring, and the way in which the GSC, its parents, and its member organizations have been able to continue to work toward ensuring early childhood outcomes is incredible!


Funding from the Office of Great Start within the Michigan Department of Education supports the implementation of Great Start.