About Us

Beginning in 2011, The Michigan Office of Great Start established a deep commitment to help children stay one step ahead. Since then, Great Start Collaboratives have worked to align, coordinate, and invest in the state’s early learning system. And as a local sector, we promise to do the same.

At Great Start Collaborative (GSC) of Kent County, we are a resource for families in our community. By bringing together philanthropic organizations, educators, leaders of public agencies and parents, we address the needs of children across West Michigan.

Through our programs, we ensure the following four outcomes:
  • Children are born healthy
  • Children are healthy, thriving and developmentally on track, from birth to age eight
  • Children are developmentally ready to succeed in school at time of school entry
  • Children are prepared to succeed in fourth grade and beyond by reading proficiently by the end of the third grade


To be a group of local professionals and parents who work together to ensure all children have a great start in life.


To see every young child in Kent County enter kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed in school and life.

Our Leaders


Funding from the Office of Great Start within the Michigan Department of Education supports the implementation of Great Start.