Great Start Collaborative Partner Spotlight: D.A. Blodgett

This month we highlight the work of D.A. Blodgett.

What programs do you offer for young children and their families?

Early Childhood Attachment Services (ECA), Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ECA), Family Support Services (FSS),  Foster Care Supportive Visitation (FCSV) amongst several other behavioral health and child welfare services.  Feel free to visit for the full scope of services we provide through our Residential, Child Welfare and Family Preservation divisions.

How do families enroll in your programs?

Families may contact the agency at 616-451-2021 and ask about services, for many Medicaid is required however some services accept private insurance.  Or families can e-mail directly for ECA ( and TF-CBT (  Families interested in FSS (or Developmental Delayed Supports Coordination) may contact Network180 at 616-366-3909 to ask about services.  FCSV referrals are made through the family’s Foster Care Case Manager.

Describe your program.

Early Childhood Attachment Services facilitates opportunities for parent-child interaction and play; guidance in regards to child development; and provides supportive counseling to children 0-5 years old, along with their families, to increase safe and nurturing environments where families can thrive.

TF-CBT is one of the most well researched, supported and effective treatments for children who have been traumatized or abused. It includes counseling with the youth and family and a strong focus on managing the emotional and behavioral impact of the original trauma.

Support coordinators work with the families and youth to develop a person-centered plan to assist them in achieving goals in the areas of activities of daily living, improving the child’s ability to communicate and interact with his/her environment, and promoting inclusion and participation in the community.

FCSV services utilize the Bavolek Nurturing Parenting Program which is a nationally recognized Evidence Based Program designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Nurturing Parenting is a family centered and age specific education approach that builds protective factors into the family to increase the health and well-being of its members.

How does your organization use parent voice to inform your programs?

We do this in a variety of ways.  Clinicians, case managers and visit coaches elicit feedback at least monthly while providing services.  DABSJ implements quarterly electronic surveys in both English and Spanish that are program specific.  Data from these surveys is utilized to improve client experience of services.  Members from the community also participate on our Performance Quality Improvement team to assure parent voice is included when working to enhance the quality of our services.

What do you most appreciate about your GSC membership?

Connecting to the diverse community that is the GSC.  While everyone is focused on early childhood, all involved are doing so in different and very important ways.  It’s wonderful to see what a supportive community we have through the GSC!


Funding from the Office of Great Start within the Michigan Department of Education supports the implementation of Great Start.