Great Start Collaborative Partner Spotlight: Conductive Learning Center

This month we highlight the work of Conductive Learning Center (CLC). They have been members for over 10 years. Read here to learn more about how they serve families.

What programs do you offer for young children and their families?

The Conductive Learning Center of North America offers conductive education programs for infants and children of any age with non-progressive motor disorders.

CLC’s Parent & Child program is specifically designed to support children under the age of 3. Parents engage alongside their child in a stimulating, fun, and intensive setting that focuses on teaching the parents or caregivers to work with their child in a playful manner and ways to encourage their child’s intellectual, physical, and emotional development.

For ages 2 to 6, CLC offers the Early Childhood program which focuses on promoting all aspects of development. Children work toward furthering development of their social skills, movement ability, speech, communication skills, and cognitive functions. Developing creativity and participation skills are emphasized in a peer group setting.

Recently, CLC initiated the Conducting Readiness Program to support families who are interested in a trial session of conductive education. The program is open to children 6 years old and younger and focuses on early intervention through conductive education to promote school readiness. Families can apply to CLC and if accepted into the program, can take part in a 4-week trial session of conductive education at a highly-subsidized rate. Those interested in learning more about the Conducting Readiness Program should apply on our website and note their interest on the new student application

How do families enroll in your programs?

Families interested in learning more about CLC and its programs can visit our website at Those who feel that conductive education at CLC may be a good fit for their child can fill out the Free Application online. Applicants will then be contacted by our Program Director to discuss further eligibility and details.

How does your organization use parent voice to inform your programs?

Parent referral is one of the most comprehensive and powerful advertising resources that CLC has. A majority of our student body has come from CLC families sharing their experiences on social boards and talking with families they interact with.

Within the program, parents are an integral and crucial part of conductive education. In our Parent & Child program, parents participate with their child in order to work collaboratively with conductor teachers to learn the techniques needed to support their child’s development. Even as children grow, parents are encouraged to participate in CLC’s classes, observe their child during their learning, and provide feedback to support on-going development and integration of learned skills into home and community life.

All student goals are developed congruently between CLC conductor teachers and caregivers throughout a students’ time at CLC. Daily feedback from caregivers regarding a students’ home life, progress, and needs is encouraged and crucial to continued progress. Feedback from caregivers is also readily appreciated by staff in relation to the programming and its view in the community.

 What do you most appreciate about your GSC membership?

Here at CLC, we appreciate the connection with the larger family and education communities within West Michigan through GSC. We enjoy the information provided by GSC, their complete network that supports early childhood development and education, a shared mission, and the opportunity to impact more children.


Funding from the Office of Great Start within the Michigan Department of Education supports the implementation of Great Start.