Great Start Collaborative Partner Spotlight: Comprehensive Therapy Center

This month we are highlighting our partner, Comprehensive Therapy Center. CTC has been a member for over seven years with Summer Wright as the current director and member. Read on to learn more abut how they serve families.

What programs do you offer for young children and their families?

Comprehensive Therapy Center (CTC) offers therapy to neurodiverse kids (including, but not limited to, children with a diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy etc.), ages 0-14, in the best way know how … having fun!

Our most popular program, and the pride and joy of CTC, is Therapy & Fun. In this seven week summer program, kids receive speech, occupational, and dance/movement therapy through fun activities like games, arts and crafts, and music.

Other programs provided throughout the year include Therapeutic Play & Learn Groups, Up! Tutoring, Social Groups, and Diversity in Healthcare (for our young volunteers interested in a career in health). We also partner with schools and agencies to provide one-on-one therapy to both children and adults.

How do families enroll in your programming?

Families can enroll in our programs by visiting our website, or by calling our office at (616) 559-1054.

How does your organization use parent voice to inform your programs?

CTC wants caregivers to feel just as confident and prepared as their kids. We’re always looking for their feedback and ways to involve them in their child’s growth.

Before each program, we meet with caregivers and their children individually to get to know them, their needs, and the goals they’d like to achieve. From there, we come up with a therapy strategy that works for them, and check in after every session. At the end of every program, caregivers are given a survey where they can voice their comments, concerns and suggestions to make the program better.

Throughout Therapy & Fun, we offer parent workshops and support groups facilitated by one of our amazing social workers, Jordan Kuiper. During these weekly meetings, guest speakers offer education and resources to our caregivers. Topics covered include at-home therapeutic techniques, navigating special education in Kent county, mental health for parents, financial planning for families of children with disabilities, and more!

What do you most appreciate about your GSC membership?

There is nothing like being in the room — whether in person or on Zoom — with such a fantastic array of leaders, thinkers, and community servants. We bounce ideas off each other, create partnerships, and problem solve together with a singular focus on what unites us: serving children in Kent County through a lens of diversity and inclusion.


Funding from the Office of Great Start within the Michigan Department of Education supports the implementation of Great Start.