February Coalition Meeting: Protect Young Eyes

Our culture can make it difficult to for families to stay up to date with all the latest apps, games, and media. To support parents, our February Coalition meeting was focused on how to Protect Young Eyes.

For our icebreaker, Christina Pocklington, led the group in story-sharing and writing activity to help us all get ready for Legislative Night. Some families shared their stories. They were very moving.

After the icebreaker, Chris McKenna spoke on how we can protect our children from bad content on the internet. He stressed open, honest conversations with children of all ages. It is important when your child finds something upsetting they tell a trusted adult. To further support parents, he’s built a website focused on helping families know the latest trends (what a time saver!). It explains the risks without children seeing the undesirable material, and passionately teaches families how to have the conversations both before and after a child’s exposure to more adult digital content.




Funding from the Office of Great Start within the Michigan Department of Education supports the implementation of Great Start.